Joselyn began designing her own bikinis and summer-wear while having fun with fashion and expressing her creativity. Inspired by her many travels around the world, including the beaches of the Caribbean, Joselyn incorporated different types of materials and textures into her creations. Before long, her outfits started catching the attention of girls around the world who wanted her to design for them too! Joselyn relocated from her home country of Peru and re-established herself in southern California. Here, she would launch "Josie Bikinis”, currently based in Huntington Beach. Joselyn’s goal is to bring self-confidence to the girls and women who wear her creations, emitting an inner glow, and enabling this through her pieces is the greatest reward for Josie Bikinis.

Joselyn continues to find inspiration in sunsets, beaches, the Caribbean, travelling to new and interesting locations, and finding ways to incorporate new materials to craft and put together bikinis, accessories, and outfits that express ultra-femininity, uniqueness, and a girly style.

The pieces include varying textures incorporating elastic fabrics, crochet yarn, authentic seashells, rhinestones, and diverse shapes in the pieces to enhance the female body.

The outfits are our own creations and are designed and produced in Huntington Beach, California.